At Participate Australia, the Community Engagement groups focus on being actively engaged in their community.

Participate Australia Community Engagement groups build and strengthen friendships, make choices as a group about what they want to do, and most importantly have fun.

Community Engagement activities are available for all age groups. Activities are always age appropriate and we take great care to ensure the safety of program participants at all times. Participate Australia also runs a number of interest clubs open to people of all abilities. These clubs pursue interests like photography, recreational cycling, general fitness or cooking.

Groups meet at convenient and accessible locations in the Inner West, in close proximity to public transport, either in a public place or at one of our own facilities.

Interested in finding out more about Community Engagement activities at Participate Australia?
If you are currently a participant at Participate Australia, please contact your Support Facilitator.
If you are not currently a participant at Participate Australia, please call our Coordinator, Intake on 0412 993 705 or email at